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Whenever you are in a hurry and you would want to surprise your family at home, you would most probably opt for a takeaway service of Le Private Chef.

You may notice that the experience of placing an order from the take away near me menu is usually very easy, as the professional staff gives you the right kind of attention and they barely take any time in preparing food and packing it up for you to take away.


Why is it better to order from Le Private Chef take away near me service than a corner restaurant? Our chef makes the top 5 orders per day while the chef at the restaurant makes at least 50 per day under the pressure of time.

Le Private Chef created menus adapted to deliver a gastronomic restaurant experience to your home.


Other takeaway Packages

How to order?

Choose among my menu the items you like and let me prepare it for you! I will cook and packaged it nicely for you. I use fresh quality Australian food, including seasonal vegetables from my own garden. The food is vacuum sealed for conservation in-fridge up to 7 days with minimal preparation required. Usually only requires heating in the oven or boiling water.

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1. Browse my menus


2. Place your order online

3. Takeaway your food

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4. Heat, serve and enjoy!

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