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A photo of Vincent Chagnaud, founder of Le Private Chef in Sydney


My Story

I grew up in France into a family of cooks. My father was a chef, so I was in one kitchen or another every day after school. I was pastry making when I was 6 years old.

When I would come home, I would be greeted by the rich aromas from my mother's kitchen. She was always creating something new, and she inspired me to do the same. For me, she was the best chef in the world.

I have been cooking professionally for 16 years, the first 8 years in several Star Michelin restaurants and the last 8 years as a private chef in Sydney. I learnt cooking technics but also how to organise and keep a kitchen clean. My cooking is French influenced, but I am proficient in many different cuisines. And I love to cook desserts and make pastry.

In parallel to my chef career, I got certified in Nutrition to broaden my skills and learn how to cook tasty and healthy food. I can also adapt my recipies to suit specific dietary needs and requirements.

I like sharing my passion and would love to hear from you.

Vincent Chagnaud

The signature of Vincent from Le Private Chef
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